Cyber security resources

Here is a list of resources (Twitter, Tools, blogs, youtube channels, etc) for cyber security profesionnal. Feel free to suggest any

Twitter accounts


Account Quick description
SecurityWeek Cybersecurity News, Threats, Insights and Expert Analysis Cybersecurity news platforms
The Hacker News Breaking news and tech coverage on cybersecurity
HackerOne The only official HackerOne Twitter account
Black Hat The World's Premier Technical Security Conference Series
Cyberwatch French EVM

Other accounts

Account Quick description
FIC_eu French "Forum International de la Cybersécurité"
ComcyberFR Compte officiel du Commandement de la cyberdéfense française
leHACK Hacking conferences (french)
OpexNews Veille sur les questions militaires et de défense
CVEnew Latests CVEs (warning, can tweet quiet a lot)
vx-underground The largest collection of malware source code, samples, and papers
NetBlocks Tracking network disruptions and shutdowns
PortSwigger Research Web security research from the PortSwigger team
HITBSecConf Conference series held annually around the world
CERT-FR Centre gouvernemental de veille, d'alerte et de réponse aux attaques informatiques
ANSSI Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information
DGA Compte officiel de la Direction générale de l'armement
BreizhCTF 2022 Annual CTF
Hacking is NOT a Crime A nonprofit organization advocating global policy reform to decriminalize hacking
Chromium Disclosed Security Bugs Automatic report of Chromium disclosed security bugs
RedTeamVillage Group of red teamers (Red Team Village)
BlueHat IL Cyber security conferences
Gareth Heyes Security payloads and other funny code tricks
Insomni'hack Ethical Hacking Contest
Bad Packets Cyber threatintel on emerging threats, DDoS botnets, and network abuse
Almond Entreprise de la Cybersécurité, du Cloud et des Infrastructures.
NoLimitSecu Podcast francophone dédié à la cybersécurité
Le Comptoir Sécu Le podcast traitant des enjeux de la sécurité informatique
Defense Digital Service We are tech experts tackling the DOD's toughest problems
NotSoSecure Company delivering high-end IT security consultancy
44CON UK Information Security Conference and training event
Offensive Security Kali and OSCP makers
SANS Offensive Operations Training, Certification, and Research
Synacktiv Offensive security company
BugBountyHQ Bug bounty news
DEF CON Hacking Conference

Cyber security researchers


Honorable mention of HackTricks which regroups a lot of resources, tips and such





Security conferences and groups

Labs & trainings

Bug Bounty

Cheat sheets

Docs, Specs etc


Youtube accounts

Discord servers