SOC & Incident Response Lead
10y XP — Centralien — CEH, OSCP/OSWE, Stanford ACS
Ethical hacker — CSIRT — Bug bounty hunter — ANSSI reporter
Avail. for: IR/SOC Lead, CISO Jr (big/medium caps)

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Career path

Blue, Purple & Yellow teaming
SOC & Pentest Lead Preligens Paris ≧ 1 an ½

  • Approve IT architect diagrams and review some infra-as-code (Terraform) before production release
  • Whitebox code review, hunting for security issues in company's products
  • Internal IT security audits as compliance pre-audits, including physical security checks
  • Phishing and other general trainings company-wide for awareness, including definition of KPIs for followups
  • Plan, architect and setup the company-wide security tools (SIEM, SOAR, EDR, VPN, Firewall, MDM, DNS, …)
  • Define rules and configuration for these tools, and both implement them and manage the third-party implementation teams
  • SOC Lead: automate resolution of simplest security event, manage SOC engineer for L2 incidents, and resolve & report to C-levels for L3s
  • Create standards and policies to align the company with the NIST800-53 standards
  • Guide the company's security posture with risk-driven management
Cybersecurity Pentester Engineer Systancia Mulhouse ≦1 an

  • Hunt for Zero-day vulnerabilities in company produts, advise and followup with dev teams for the patching process
  • Verify third parties security (vendor assessment) to strengthen the supply chain
  • Contain and recover assets during incidents, and investigate logs for root cause (including insider threats)
Cybersecurity Engineer SOC Lead General Electric Belfort 1 an ½

  • Incident response SOC lead to prevent M$ financial losses for the Steam Power (GE) business unit
  • Apply "lessons-learnt" by enhancing the security rules to prevent new incidents
  • Followup and resolve supply-chain incidents (Solarwinds) and CVEs patching (Ghostcat)
  • Forensics (logs-based) during post-incidents and case opening with the appropriate authorities (FBI)
  • Pentest GE SPS internal applications & infrastructure to hunt for vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Setup and manage the WAF (Web Application Firewall) and firewall rules
  • Review architectures and assist business to ensure compliance with security policies and best practices
DevOps Security Champion General Electric Belfort 5 ans ½

  • DevSecOps for powerplant projects management internal web application (PHP/Java/SQL, 10k users, 30M hits/an, 10TB de données)
  • Help preventing, detecting and resolving application attacks from actual threat actors & audit pentests
  • Internal pentesting (purple teaming) the web modules developed by other engineers
  • Train and support the 40+ engineers team for secured development processes and methods
Trainees & freelance Lyon Nantes Liège 1 an ½

  • Install and configure internet facing websites for clients
  • Keeping these websites operationnal
  • Web security audits and pentests
  • Develop 3D simplification and labeling algorithms for city buildings and museums

Trainings & certificates

2021 Offensive Security OSCP OSCE OSWE… classes & labs
2020 Certified Ethical Hacker Certified CEHv10 (ECC4520361897)
2017 Stanford Advanced Computer Security Professional certificate (remote)
2014+ CTF, labs & online trainings OVH Cloud CTF, FCSC (28e/1347), 404CTF (10e/2460), Hacking et sécurité, expertise (HAC2018) Portswigger's Burp Suite labs
2014 Computer engineering at École Centrale Centrale Nantes
2013 TOEIC 900+


SOC Tools Chronicle, Splunk, Crowdstrike Falcon, Cyberwatch, Cloudflare WAF+WARP, Google Workspace, Intune MDM…
Whitebox SAST Checkmarx, Coverity, custom IntelliJ (IDE) token analyzer…
Attack tools "Kali", Hashcat, Wireshark, Metasploit, BurpSuite, SQLMap, OllyDbg…
TTPs SQLi, XSS, XSRF, LFI, RCE, Auth-bypass, Data-leak, LLM injections …
Standards OWASP Top 10, NIST800-53, SP800-171 CUI…
Web game development 40+ mini games and 3 web MMOs
Technical Watch Replays from Blackhat, Defcon, HITB, CodeBlue…
Whitepapers for Spectre, Meltdown, Foreshadow, Heartbleed
File Format Specifications Open-Document, PDF, PNG, Targa, SVG…
IT Tools Google Workspace, Intune MDM
DevOps Tools Docker, OVH, IDEA, Google Cloud Platform
Pentest Web, network, IT systems/OS, (LLM)
Zero-day report writing ANSSI, Stanford, OSTicket
Data Forensics & Recovering NTFS, FAT32, ext4
Cracking & Reverse Engineering ASMx86, PE/ELF
(Open source) contributions Mozilla, XDebug, PHPInspectionEA, IntelliJ, Mantis, MyBB
BIOS & OS Windows XP-7-10, Ubuntu/XUbuntu, Kali, UEFI/Secure boot
Community Management JeuWeb, Furry Stars
Physical Pentest Lock Picking, NFC Access cards


French + English C2, Fluent
Coding Languages PHP SQL Bash/Powershell HTML/CSS/SVG/XSL JS Python Java C/C++/ASMx86 VBS…
Network Protocols HTTP/0.9-2, SMTP, FTP, DNS…
Japanese, Spanish ~A1 (like, very basic, because it has been such a while)


Electronic & domotic Using Raspberry Pis for home automation including speech recognition
3D Printing Designing and printing spare parts for reparing stuff, to save planet and costs
Astronomy Tracking comets, planets and satellites
Chess & game boards Playing real physical games together
Gardening Planting trees and vegetables, caring for birds and insects
Financial analysis Checking on some company's P/L accounts, investing in stock markets


Mail jobs@reinom.com PGP 1E59A10C932970A90D10BF7CCD2FBF56FF9B1CE6
Sites Dev Blog: https://reinom.com LinkedIn, Twitter (MonierFr)
Others "Xenos" in HackerOne, NewbieContest, InfoSec Exchange, Stack Overflow

Looking for

Jobs title CSIRT Cyber Security Indicent Response/SOC Lead, Red/Purple team lead, CISO Junior
Locations France (all), Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland

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